Glen De Cauwsemaecker

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I’m an opensource hacker, from Belgium, working on various projects actively on GitHub. Currently living in Peru, while freelancing for Exient, a F2P Game company in the UK. Here I work on client (game) libraries (using C++/Rust/C#) and backend services (using Golang/NodeJS). I’m also a maintainer of the Go-OpenAPI ecosystem and Go-Swagger toolchain on GitHub. Originally a game (engine) and R&D developer, but currently mostly doing full stack development.


2015- Exient, Ltd. Remote, Freelance Programmer (Backend Services and Client Libraries)

2014-15 Exient, Ltd. UK, Programmer (Game-, Engine- Development and R&D)

2013-14 Fishing Cactus Belgium, Programmer (Game-, Engine- Development and R&D)

2013-14 Code Combat Remote, Opensource developer (Web Technology)


12/16- Go OpenAPI A Swagger / OpenAPI implemenation for Go. Very lightweight but deep integration into the go toolset for working with swagger definitions as the source of truth for an application.

11/16- L20n C# An implementation of L20n in C#, supporting .NET2 and above.

02/16- Nebula Cloud Services Nebula Cloud Services are the cloud services used for Exient games that require online services. The services are written in Golang, and recently started using OpenAPI to describe the APIs. Clients are written in C#, Rust and C++. The services rely on AWS and k8s, among other (opensource) technology.

02/16-05/16 L10n C#/Unity An implementation of L10n in C#, Targeting the Unity Game Engine.

08/15-10/15 Marlin Build System Not being happy of any of the existent Build Systems, we proposed and got the chance to develop an MVP of a new kind of Build System. The goal was to keep it as minimal and flexible as possible. The scripting language of choice was Scheme and the core was written in Rust.

06/15-07/15 Bake Escape @ Apple Watch Bake Escape is a match 3 iOS Game. This app was part of my R&D work for Exient on the Apple Watch. Pushing and hacking this device was quite fun. The capabilities exposed to developers are however limited, and making a pong game for the Apple Watch was the biggest game hack I ever did.

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