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Small Go package to simulate the Codingame programs offline on your computer.

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Life drawing

Before today, I couldn’t remember when the last time was that I had drawn. It was certainly more than a year ago. Thanks to my current employer, I’m following a life drawing course, starting today, for 12 weeks long. I was quite thrilled and happy enough with what I achieved today. Drawing certainly isn’t one of my skills, and drawing naked models certainly doesn’t make it easier.

Not planning to talk too much about it anymore in the near future, but as enthousiast as I was today about it, I just had to share it.

I almost gave up web development for a while, as it was just starting to be to much. Today however, I saw a talk about clojure script which inspired me quite a lot. Being able to program in a language like clojure, gives at least a practical purpose to my random LISP knowledge. On top of being a sexy functional language it provides easy communication with the DOM in an optionally concurrent go-channel style. Do I have to say more? This defiantly deserves some deeper learning sooner or later.

Less but NES

The last couple of months I’ve been doing quite a lot of bigger, and especially more high level projects. Which is why I want to concentrate more on low/native development and improve my knowledge on a couple of topics. To optimise my little spare time more »

Enough with web development

It’s Sunday, I slept quite a lot and had an amazing breakfast. A combination you certainly wouldn’t expect at a hackathon. #Dementiahack 2014 in London is by far one of the best catered hackathon-like events that I have ever been too. While people in more »

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