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An HTML5 game originally made for the #monstergamejam in Brussels.

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99 days of freedom

It’s dark, the clock, blurry as it is, shows it’s two AM. My spectacles highlighted in blue and my soul lost in a time, while time is trapped in a social wall.

Facebook has become a tool of unproductiveness. This fake form of social contact certainly isn’t an equal and shared relationship. It will ask for you devotion, but return barely anything in return. For most of us it’s quite a complex relationship with addiction hidden deep within its roots.

Even though the negative impact can’t be overlooked, it’s often our only way to reach loved ones and friends from the past. We live in a global world and networks like Facebook close the gaps over oceans and between time zones. If you would shut down Facebook, it might mean that you shut down social channels and abstract away from those who were once so close.

From today on I’ll start this social challenge for myself, and shutdown my personal connection with Facebook until the third of February, next year. I hope that these 99 days give me new perspectives. Who knows where my POV will be after all this time? I certainly don’t. I’m at a point where I don’t even remember what was life before social networks such as Facebook and all it’s precestors.

This experiment will be one of many in a pursuit of digital freedom.

Fun after a successful launch

Waking up next to a yellow bird, what happened?After lots of work, we’re finally able to see millions people enjoy Angry Birds Transformers. Even though the game only launched a week ago on iOS, I’m convinced that I’ll never get used to this feeling more »

Zoo Machines Festival

In 2011, on a rainy weekend, I fell in love, which changed my life changed forever.Like most of you know, games were always in one way or another involved in my life. Which eventually also made me go to Howest, to study Digital Arts and more »

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