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Small Go package to simulate the Codingame programs offline on your computer.
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Hjson implementation for C

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Zoo Machines Festival

In 2011, on a rainy weekend, I fell in love, which changed my life changed forever.

Like most of you know, games were always in one way or another involved in my life. Which eventually also made me go to Howest, to study Digital Arts and Entertainment. It’s there that I found the true programmer deep within myself. Or at least, started to go on some serious dates with him.

Early second year of my education I got the change, with a couple of other students of my education to participate in the Art Gamejam #3 contest in Tourcoing. A game jam?! I had never heard of that before but I certainly was intrigued about the fact that they expect you to make a “game” in 48 hours. Hell, I didn’t even believe that this was possible.

In the end the event turned out to become one of the most amazing experiences of my life (#overdramaticmuch). If you want to read more about what I thought back then, feel free to read this article, which I wrote a week after the event. Now I know that it actually had serious impact on how I would pursuit life from than on. It made me more professional and it turned out, that it was the first of many events like this that I would enter.

That weekend I fell in love. Not only with the programmer inside me, but also with my first gf in my life, funny enough, also a programmer.

Now, 2 years later, the organisation invited me to come over and participate in the awesome event, once again. For that, and especially for the fact that they pay all my expenses, I would like to thank them. It will be a great experience, with a lot of hacking and the opportunity to meet amazing people (from different generations). Looking forward to the weekend of the 7th of November.

You can find all the information about the “Zoo Machines Festival” on their official website.


After being more practical focused for a “long” time (AKA doing big projects), I’ve made the switch again to becoming more educational focused, at least in my free time. Having made this shift feels good. As a programmer your knowledge, experience and more »

a short plan in a long road

In January it will be my first year in the Game Industry, probably one of many. It made me realise that while you have less time for self education and private projects, you also have more time for it. It’s a paradox and it’s one, like in many things more »

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