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A field of clouds, lit by the moon

Writing above the clouds, lit by our moon that inspired so many poems. If it wasn’t for the different costs it brings along with it, writing in an plane could actually become a thing. Funny enough, hacking in one is clearly becoming a trend. For now, writing an article in my vim-arch environment, while having a near-dead battery level is all I need.

The last 10 days was a period full of inspiration, vague events, first-time-experiences and more. One of the beautiful aspects of hackathons is that you find yourself in a closed space with people you actually like being locked up with. A similar thing can be said about GDC, except that you have the tropical openness of San Francisco and there are way more people. Also it is not that similar at all.

Choosing between the many talks isn’t always easy, and sometimes less rewarding then you might have hoped. Occasionally however, it gives fuel for a fire. These might start, grow or shrink. In a few instances I even found myself in mix between a lecture and debate with the talker. This is quite rewarding and something rarely done when watching similar talks on-demand.

Besides the many presentations, discussions, parties (and after-parties), long walks, high-calorie entrees, there was the first-time-in-San-Francisco-experience. The atmosphere and climate alone is already enough reason for me to see it as a nice place to live, whatever that means. If you add the great people, start-ups, giants and magic to the mix, one might wonder why it isn’t called home already.

As I had never met any of the Code Combat guys before in person, this was an excellent occasion to do so. Scott Erickson if you read this: you’re a great host and an awesome digital friend. Having spend a couple of days in Berkeley after GDC and a few days near the Wine Country before, I’m pleased with the stuff I’ve seen and done.

I can’t tell if I’ll ever live there. Time will tell on how much influence its gravity will have. But before there is even time to settle in a different place, I feel that I should think about a different phase in my life. A period where my love for travelling and hacking can be combined. This phase is probably not for soon, but that shouldn’t stop myself from reading lecture such as Life Nomadic right now.

The land of opportunities

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