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Hjson implementation for C

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Fun after a successful launch

Waking up next to a yellow bird, what happened?

After lots of work, we’re finally able to see millions people enjoy Angry Birds Transformers. Even though the game only launched a week ago on iOS, I’m convinced that I’ll never get used to this feeling of knowing that you bring joy to so many people across the globe.

Even before the soft launch, I knew the game will be played by lots of people. The game play was fun, the inside transformers jokes were in place and it is no secret that Angry Birds has a gigantic fanbase. The fact that Rovio isn’t scared of a huge PR budget made it only easier to predict.

With a game this popular and successful it is exceptional that even the true hardcore Transformer fans are overal very positive. After all, they are the minority who is still enjoying the IP, ever since the 80’s. Even better is that the love is not only reflected in user reviews and forum discussions but even in official press reviews.

“Angry Birds Transformers review – a warmer, crafted homage than the films” - theguardian

So here we are, the day after the company launch party, in between the iOS and the Android launch. A party I’ll never forget, at least the parts I still remember. I’m proud to be part of the team that made this wonderful game and happy to celebrate with them on am anazing and well organized party! One can only hope that this is only the beginning of a great future.

Zoo Machines Festival

In 2011, on a rainy weekend, I fell in love, which changed my life changed forever.Like most of you know, games were always in one way or another involved in my life. Which eventually also made me go to Howest, to study Digital Arts and more »


After being more practical focused for a “long” time (AKA doing big projects), I’ve made the switch again to becoming more educational focused, at least in my free time. Having made this shift feels good. As a programmer your knowledge, experience and more »

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