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Where am I and why?

Mons, Belgium
Junior Programmer @ Fishing Cactus
Development of a Cross Platform C++ Engine
Development of video games
Development of tools and scripts
Research about (the latest) technology

What am I doing besides my full time job?

online – San Francisco, USA
Developer & Com. Manager @ Code Combat
Development of a Multiplayer Coding Game
Management of the Community
Management of the Git Repository
Research about web technology

Looking for my CV?

Grab a PDF copy in English here!

Want to make an appointment with me?

Check if I’m available at my calendar here!

In which upcoming events will I participate?

  • GameJam @ March @ Charleroi, Belgium

What am I working on?

finished in December 2013
2D Cross Platform C++11
Tech: C++11, Android, Win32, OpenGL 2.0, OpenGL 2.0ES, glsl
A 2D Game Engine written in C++11 by me and 3 others. It will allow you to develop games for Windows 7/8 and Android 3.X+. For more information and browse trough the source code you can go to the Github.

unplanned release
Small HTML5 Game Engine
Tech: HTML5, CSS3, JS, JQuery
html5logo Small Game Engine, developing it, while learning and experimenting with HTML5. The current target is to have an abstract an reusable, yet very basic, framework that allows me to create small, dynamic and fun mini games for browser use only.

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What have I developed?

Games, developed in team

April 2013
Green Tower
Tech: XNA, C#, HLSL
The game is fully written on top of XNA, and will be released for Windows 8, Windows Phone in the near future.There is a fully functional world editor which will be available to the users for editing and releasing maps. Target audience is people from 15 to 30. In the game we are create awareness about the current state of the usage of energy sources. By implementing either a negative or a positive effect to the player’s choices. Thanks to the world editor, a community will be able to create and share their own interpretation to the world. For this was also an engine written which will be released in the near future. 

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June 2013
Tech: XNA, C#, HLSL
Download Game (209MB)(Win7)
Download Source Project (303MB)(XNA 4.0)
The game is fully build with a custom framework fully written on top of XNA 4.0, and can only be played on the Windows 7 platform.This was a choice due to the very short deadlines and having a lot of other projects on that time as well. As a corporate spy you have to use the power of the wind to propel yourself over dangerous gaps and traps to escape the deadly factory with your stolen plans. It's a skill based game intended for hardcore Gamers. User should be aware that there is a subtle amount of violence in the game. You can play the game both with your controller as your keyboard with Azerty and Qwerty support. For information about the controls you can go to the options menu in the game.

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Educational Projects

August 2013
Tech: C++, DirectX10, PhysX 2.8
view the source code online
A final project for some programming courses in collage university.

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Game Jams [9]

October 2013
Broadcast Battle

Download the game for Macintosh
Download the Unity (Pro) Project
Tech: C#, Unity
Play the game in your browser
Download the game for Windows
Download the game for Linux
This game was the official winner of the Get Online Game Jam 2013!

In broadcast battle you have to kill the producers, in order to get their Golden LP's. Do it quick and be sure to kill the competition in the same time, in order to steal their LP's. You can play this game with 2, 3 or 4 players. The game is made with a trial version of Unity 4 Pro.

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September 2013
Pus Pus Platypus
Tech: C#, Unity, Occulus Rift, GLSL
Play the game in your browser
Download the game for Windows 7/8
Pus Pus Platypus is a game made in Unity for the Indie Speed Run 2013. I Particpated in it on a local event during my Erasmus on the University of Applied Sciences in Kajaani. Together with Pieter Vantorre, Tachion and Samuli Jääskeläinen we made this trippy 3D Game. It was the first game I ever made with the Occulus Rift. Using this technology was quite exciting and so I hope that you can test the game with an Occulus Rift.

This game was selected by jury member Ron Gilbert as one of the 18 Global finalists of the Indie Speed Run 2.0. This is what he had to say about it:
A deceivingly delightful game where you blow kisses at enemies rather than bullets. I was initially perplexed by this game and then the charm of it overcame me and I played it over and over trying to blow kisses to everything/everyone I saw.

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July 2013 
Hits Playjam 2013:
The Salmon Factory
Tech: Java, LibGDX, Android
For the Hits Playjam, in France, I worked together with my lovely Girlfriend and her great friends, Boris and Mouf. With 4 people in total, we tried to work out a cool game, related to the theme. You can read more about our adventure at Adélie her blog and you can find it at Pinterest as well.

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April 2013 
HOWEST DAE Game Jam 2013: Cubix
Tech: C#, Unity
For this game we used a rubiks cube as inspiration. By combining this with the fps puzzle genre we tried to make a challenging game. Controls: Arrows or WASD for movement, hold left alt for the rotation controls and click with your left mouse button to click a button.

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January 2013 
Global Game Jam 2013: Flicker
Tech: C#, Unity
Download Game (66MB)(Win7)
Download Source Project (61 MB)
The game is about a robot who cannot sleep due to his EMP heart. This causes the lights and other electronic stuff to switch on an off every time his heart beats. Because of this, Flicker is on a quest to find a new heart. But he has the extra difficulty that the light will switch off every second heartbeat. Controls: Arrows or WASD for movement, Up arrow or Space bar for jumping.

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