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Small Go package to simulate the Codingame programs offline on your computer.

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Less but NES

The last couple of months I’ve been doing quite a lot of bigger, and especially more high level projects. Which is why I want to concentrate more on low/native development and improve my knowledge on a couple of topics. To optimise my little spare time more »

Enough with web development

It’s Sunday, I slept quite a lot and had an amazing breakfast. A combination you certainly wouldn’t expect at a hackathon. #Dementiahack 2014 in London is by far one of the best catered hackathon-like events that I have ever been too. While people in more »

Inspiration for Portal Gaming

While reading a book, on my way to London an idea struck my head. It came to me while I had the sudden desire to play FEZ, but didn’t had my game pad with me to do it the proper way. A few months back I had the idea, and actually planned it, but never more »

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